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Don't be afraid to try new formats. After all, nobody's pointing a gun at the back of your head, forcing you to write in a formulaic way. Why don't you write a story, segment it into quotes, extracts and side notes - then submit it over time. That way you keep the reader guessing as to what the hell is going on. You're giving them an exploded jigsaw puzzle - all the pieces separated and frozen in aspic. Step away far enough, and you see the whole picture. Too close, and all the pixels look unrelated. Remember: Beginnings have no mystique, nor do endings - or anything fully explained. Beginnings and endings are dead giveaways! What about a story with no definite beginning and conclusive ending - just segues to impermanence - with a 'zero edge'. It's not as inconceivable as you think. The fact is, you have no choice - you have to keep moving forwards - pushing the boundaries, or the dust will start to settle on you... and you wouldn't want that... would you?

I'm not sure if my work translates that well for the American/Canadian palate - I hope in time - I'm wrong. I have a satirical lens, through which I observe reality - sensationalized by the propaganda machine of the digital media and tabloid press. Whenever these 'sacred cows' wave their magic wands, the whole world tends to fall under their hypnotic spell - never questioning the contrived nature of their 'live' news reports - their 'collage style' journalism appeasing their own biased doctrines. In the mean while, real 'flesh and blood' people are dying left-right-and-center - inking the printing presses of a nation's caffeine-like addiction to 'shock-horror smut'. There is now a predictive tone to all the news reports - a manic hysteria actually creating the 'events.' I think it's extremely dangerous when the information media starts living in the future tense - its quicksand of 'assumption' could be the death of us all. It is a dark 'control tower' made of glass walls - refusing the sun - no matter how much light tries to shine into it! Well, enough pettifogging about the 'media'. So I digress - you're not going to be reading about little fluffy clouds with me!


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