a 38-year-old male from Canada

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"What you focus on you inevitably get more of" - anthony Robbins

Writing has been the path inscribed like an acid etched map on the back of my retinas. Since reading C.S.Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series in my eighth year of exisitence on this earth I have consumed literary fiction with a fervor approaching gluttony. As i waded through the complex and ever evolving worlds of the likes of Tolkein, Jordan, Anthony, Clarke,and Goodkind i began to develop an intuitive sense for the common thread that binds fans and authors of fantasy fiction together. We all beleive that we could be these characters. We refuse to shed our childish imaginations, and stubbornly hold on to our childhood beleifs, now cleverly caging them in adult rhetoric of the possible if not probable. I have authored many educational texts for use in trade schools, and boardrooms, and felt not unlike what i suspect the great Mario Andretti would feel, if he were paid toto drive a bus intead of an open wheel formula 1 racer. i need to touch the roots of my passion!

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