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I am interested in writing sword and sorceryIf you're interested, I am working on an essay defining sword and sorcery on Protagonize: Defining Sword and Sorcery

I am also interested in writing literary fiction.

Current Projects

I am composing a novel on Protagonize about fantasy roleplaying games and RPG computer games titled, The Hour of the Red Queen.

I occasionally like to write very brief flash fictions with strong narrative spines and to record myself reading them. My idea is that these are stories you can tell over a campfire in one sitting. Often, these flash fictions center around my recurring sword and sorcery character, "The Rogue."

Participation Policy

I really enjoy reading works on Protagonize. I am invested in becoming a better writer myself but am equally invested in helping other writers become better writers as well. I would be happy to read your work.

I am reluctant to share "craft tips" because I consider myself a novice. Often, if I like something, I will offer praise. If, however, you want me to say more, please let me know. I am always willing to offer critiques (if they are desired) or to elaborate on one of comments.

Future Projects

I am interested in starting a collaborative sword and sorcery novel, but I would like to plan it in detail in advance. I imagine we would need a map of the secondary world, detailed character profiles, a gazetteer or cultural dictionary, a general historical timeline, a series of mythological stories, etc..

Favorite Writers

William Shakespeare, H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, J.R.R. Tolkien, Clark Ashton Smith, Isaac Asimov, Jack Vance, Robert A. Heinlein, Fritz Leiber, Philip K. Dick,  and William Gibson. 

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