a 36-year-old chick from a dark cloud, United States

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"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol and violence - but they've always worked for me." -Hunter S. Thompson

Hey guys, 

I've been a secret "writer" for years and have tons of journals that I want to share with someone who will help me create a masterpiece.  I've lived all over the world and am now back at home in Texas.  2-years post divorce.  I walked away from a great life in New Orleans and am now starting my life all over again.  

I have little confidence in my work since the divorce.  Most of my current work revolves around the last six months of my life in New Orleans.  In that six months, I was in two major car accidents, separated from my husband and walked out of our brand new home in the chicest part of the city.  I am now trying to rebuild my life but first I need some self-esteem work.  I'm the most laid back gal you'll ever meet.  

I've been told that my point of view is at times amazingly distorted in my writing.  BUT, the big BUT, I need help with format, structure and staying focused.  It is very difficult for me to re-read and edit my work, which is why I've turned to this writing community.  

After several failed attempts with WritingDotCom, FanStory and one other,  I realize that I need to collaborate with someone who can finally get my vision.  The reviewers and critiques of my work usually sounds something like, "Great ideas, Creative POV, very interesting story......BUT you need to slow down and focus on one moment at a time."  

This is very discouraging to me and I fear the effects will keep me from sharing my story.

In sum, I was a pseudo-celebrity-rock star / housewife/ executive party girl who lost everything that mattered after one bad night.  I'm starting all over and I need your help.  Plenty of stories of crazy nights, unbelievable moments,  music festivals and concerts, and the darkest of the dark moments with voodoo spells and curses.  I just need someone who'll listen and help me focus.  I love my beautiful Boxer, Chloe; playing drums and chilling with good bud.  

I truly hope to meet a bad ass but focused writer here and together we can make something awesome.  

All my love to anyone who cares.

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