a 30-year-old lady from Philadelphia, United States

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Though I am more of a reader than a writer, I do from time to time tend to attempt to put words to screen (but never to paper as it perpetually causes me some sort of writer's block).  I enjoy reading first and foremost things that are funny, thrilling and mind-bending, and lastly intelligent.  My writing style also hopes to attain those attributes. 

As for my personal life, I have more or less recently moved away from my homeland and thus have begun to enjoy long trips to the grocery store, any form of gastrointestinal delight, attention from my One and Only, making things, compulsively cleaning my apartment, and collecting books to make me look smart.

And as for my non-personal life, I work in a cubicle alongside my One and Only (which I guess does make it personal) and we both pick up the phone and then talk on it and put it down eventually all day long.  This stage in my life has caused me to realize how quickly life can pass one by when one is engaged in a mundane task.  My recent quest for creativity has been borne of this epiphany, yet I hope that habitual writing doesn't become one of the countless creative endeavours that I have begun, never to finish over the nearly twenty-two years of my life. (Does a comma go there?)

Well, that all sounded very sad.  Don't get me wrong.  I am a pleasant (and as most personality quizzes claim, "charming") individual who is simply grateful for a place to be able to write things down and have people read it.

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