a 25-year-old kid from the Tropics

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"I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each others dreams, we can be together all the time." -the Wise Hobbes of the dynamic duo: 'Calvin & Hobbes'.

Greetings fellow deranged-and-utterly-disturbed aspiring authors =)

This page is called my profile. This is about me. Moi. Yo. Ich. Mim.

WARNING: If you do not wish to feel like an epic failure, daft ass or a half-witted dope – read the following very carefully.


My goals in life may not be to go to Harvard or win the Nobel Prize, but I would appreciate it if you'll stop laughing at me - this is the best I can do. 

No. 10) To have a nice, corny, cheesy Hollywood romance would be lovely. 

No. 84) To read ‘Ulysses’. Without falling asleep after ten pages. 

No. 43) To do ‘The New York Times’ crossword in pen – no mistakes whatsoever.

No. 19) To die painlessly in my sleep. I do not wish to be murdered, unlike someone I know.


Random Facts, which may possibly be intriguing (although, if you think about it, who the hell cares about my favorite ice cream flavor or how much I suck at math?):

No. 75) My favorite ice cream flavor is anything with berries or coffee. Not berries and coffee, mind you.

No. 53) I really don’t suck at math. Really, truly, honestly – I don’t.

No. 74) I never eat the egg yolk unless scrambled. 

No. 31) I only eat raisins in oatmeal cookies.

No. 91) When I say brush, I mean comb. And when I say comb, I don't know what I mean.

No. 77) I randomly miss Froggyboots. 

No. 31) I learned practically every sport I know from my brothers - they used me as a prop in their demonstrations of exactly what not to do. 

No. 14) I like to play with my hair – it’s soft.

No. 5) I believe I was born in the wrong era.

No. 108) I stack my issues of The New Yorker in order of date.

No. 9) 'Bandages' by Hot Hot Heat makes me high.

No. 22) I like people whose names start with the letter ‘J’, on most occasions that is. 

No. 6) I’ve held a soccer game charity once, knowing nothing at all about the sport. 

No. 11) My Chanel sunglasses are fakes.

No. 166) I cough whenever I brush my teeth. Should I see a doctor about this? 

No. 34) I have a Hello Kitty coin bank, from when I was 7.

No. 10) Post-its are my organization tools. They’re color-coded. My friends have a laugh about that all the time.

No. 85) My pinky won't stay down whenever I play the piano. It annoys me. 

No. 90) There are a couple talents of mine that I wish I didn't have. 

No. 88) I can speak Gangsta Hindi. Yeah, that's right. Choup yaar!

No. 66) I love to imitate the English accent.

No. 133) I'm nap intolerant. 

No. 17) I have a quill and ink. I was inspired to buy them after watching a documentary on Shakespeare in 6th grade.

No. 105) I have a piece of A5 paper taped on my wall, written READ over and over again. It’s not helping.

No. 78) I'm a failure at Photo Shop. 

No. 84) French Fries are my comfort food. 

No. 158) I get mood swings sometimes. 

No. 49) ‘The Highly Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives for the Extraordinarily Literate’ by Eugene Ehrlich is the best ever. 

No. 14) I believe I have an extremely mild case of OCD.

No. 23) Nothing beats black and white movies. Nothing. Maybe except for great writing. 

No. 42) I’ve been to 39 states in the USA, and I’m not sure the last 11 are worth visiting…

No. 48) My handwriting changes often. 

No. 73) I love markers. 

No. 67) Perfume went up my nose once.

No. 69) I would choose salty over sweet. 

No. 8) I live in the tropics. Do not ask me my opinion of it. 

No. 98) I don't even particularly like elephants, but I have a whole collection of elephant objects. 

No. 25) I woke up one morning, and my favorite ring no longer fit me. 

No. 82) My 'U.S. History for Dummies' has been sitting on my bookshelf, untouched for about three months. Don't blame me, blame IB. 

No. 16) I frown when I read. 

No. 34) I listen to Jack Johnson when I go to bed at night. 

No. 18) I'm practicing to be ambidextrous. Not working. 

No. 19) I don't like Woody Allen films. *Tomatoes thrown at me.* Except for 'Annie Hall.'

No. 51) I accidentally learned how to whistle by blowing soup.

No. 151) I've always wondered if putting the zip up, and then the buttons is right, or the buttons and then the zip?

No. 5) My backhand sucks beyond imagination.

No. 99) I hopelessly cannot draw birds. This is why I didn't do IB art. 

No. 52) I read the endings to books over and over. 

No. 40) I've memorized almost every line in 'Rebel Without A Cause', 'Shakespeare in Love' and 'You've Got Mail'. 

No. 36) I love to say 'Sophocles', 'ridiculous' and 'January'. 

No. 0) I love the word ‘I’ – Yes, I’m a little too interested in myself.


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