a 21-year-old guy from chennai, India

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"1) if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree then it will always live it's life thinking that it cannot do it. -- albert einstein 2) never ask for an easy life always ask for the courage ,to handle the hard life -- bruce lee REMARK: I know a little cheesy but this site gives me the oppotunity to write my thoughts, THANK YOU for that."

Hey there i am newcomer on this website and, i think it is seriously a better idea put forth by protagonize that, one can write their story or any interesting piece of topic which they are interested in and can get feedback for that.

Apart from thanking protagonize i want to introduce myself as a person who always has a story up in his mind and i always want to write it down but never does that. Inside me some part knows that i want to become a director and a story writer and i want to do my film but never have done that,so by using this platform i think i can create a good story or get some writing done and get feedback from other people so please if you can please read my story and try to appreciate it and it will be helpful if you suggest some mistakes in my writings.

I am highly motivated by the directors like steven spielberg ,christopher nolan,george lucas,etc. and there are many directors who have given cult hits and i always think that one day i can make my movie and show it to the world.

NOTE:  sorry for any grammatical mistake and please read my story it will give me sheer confidence and appereciation for writing more stories. THANK YOU.

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