an 18-year-old girl from home, United Kingdom

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"You drank the tea ~Cry"

I think it's time for a new bio, don't you?

I'm quite an amateur writer with an average amount of awesome fans. I mainly write in the past tense, usually first person, sometimes third. I do whatever feels right. I try to write horror or paranormal yet it fails! So as you scroll through my work you shall discover they contain mythical creatures/dead, eg a dragon, or a ghost. People who go on a journey, through life, or to another world, ancient ruins, or simply a running race. I try to leave cliffhangers, but it never works. 

I own a facebook page where I write Hunger Games fanfiction, and draw characters, hopefully some animations to in the not too distant future. Art is my main hobby, writing to, but after years of practice I don't seem to improve. Much. On here I don't write Hunger Games fanfiction at all, here I write what's in the above paragraph if you bothered to read it.  If you want to have a look, feel free. Click here v v v v v https://www.facebook.com/funstuffyaywelovehungergamesnomnommonmon?ref=hl
Not much is there yet, if you look when I write this. But if you read from the future, greetings! And there will be some stuff. :)

I love Taylor Swift and Ke$ha, oh and Coldplay! But my favourite song of all time?......................


Please give my work a chance, I'm not awful, but I'm not brilliant either. IMO

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