a 36-year-old chick from Canada

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"Well if you will choose to live in a country with stunning scenery expect a depressing isolated lifestyle - why do you think Scotland is so miserable and the Swiss Yoddle for fun" - My friend Tom in England on why living in the mountains in British Columbia sucked for me.

I am hopelessly slack sometimes when it comes to keeping up with sites like this. It's like the two or three blogs I have started and seem to have given up on. Although, I think this idea is amazing. My favourite part of all the writing classes I took at college was starting stories and folding them over and then passing them around. It was always so much fun to see where other people would take your idea.

I am a journalist by trade, but have a real love for creative writing. Journalism only allows for a very small window of creativity, so I am hoping this will be a good outlet for it.

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