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"We all are worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm.~Winston Churchill ~"


(I might as well make this a little bit longer.)

I love random things... and not so random things.
Reading is awesome. Writing is awesome. Doing both is like.... mind boggling.

I love writing funny stories. ( well, what I think is funny) 
I don't write "serious" things that much. (Kind of odd that the only story I have on here at the moment is a "serious" one.)

I tend to exaggerate  on some things, mainly in my ...uhh... "normal" style of writing. 

Description, I love it and hate it.
I love reading it, I love writing it.  I just hate it for some reason. Probably because it takes forever to find the right word, or after I wrote it I decide that it's not what I wanted. (Hmm... I almost sounded like a perfectionist there! :D )

Anyway, most of my characters are from animes/mangas since it's a lot easier to see how they react to things. Even if they're only in like... 3 episodes *cough cough* Tatsuya *cough cough*. 

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