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"an afternoon of laughs is worth a lifetime of smiles."

I know i'm weird- it doesn't bother me. I love to write. To write beautifully, I have to go sit on our hill at daybreak, it makes it easy.

I get addicted to people when I write and love to quiz people about themselves to get new ideas. 

In the words of Jamie, I am "really very random." Love it.


I like a lot.

I like spaces between lines, and neatness and organisation, as you can see.

I like making music- it makes you happy, You should try it. 

I enjoy writing letters. Receiving them also. 

I like Stabilo Coloured Fineliners. They must be in order in the packet. 

I like new people and interesting people

I like talking for hours about nothing in particular. 

I like writing stories. It clears your head of things you would rather not be there- once you have written them they can go out of your mind. They are always there on paper to pick up at a later date.

I dislike bad spelling. It is really very irritating.

If you mean something to me, I will write something for you or about you.

I dislike it when I can't control things.

I am far too protective over my Macbook Pro and my Canon 400D. 

I love where I live. You wouldn't.

I am quite a serious person and have high expectations and aspirations.

I love spontaneity.

I love the theatre and beautiful views. 

The best things in life are usually free.

Good shoes win life.

Time is the best gift I could receive.

The thing that is better than anything is a good and proper hug.

I hate the way that the one person I really want, I cannot have. I don't think I will ever find someone who has such a profound impact on me.

I'm slowly being replaced right now. It makes me incredibly upset.



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