a female from none of your business :), Ireland

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"if con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of Progress? (anonymous), a wise man does not need advice, a fool does not heed it (Proverbs), "what is written with the pen will not be chopped up with the ax"

I just want to let you guys know that i'm probably, maybe, definitely not going to be on for the next month or so. i have this massive exam coming up that i have to ace in order to keep my scholarship. on top of that i have a project coming up that needs almost all of my attention. :( soooo yeah, i'm probably not going to be spending much time online. :( sorry.

largely enjoy science fiction but am a "vampire/ werewolf drama" hater- too much of it and is way too much about the romance 

i grew up on a small dairy operation and hate being indoors for too long. My favorite place to be is the woods in sumemr or fall,long enough to see a couple rabbits hop by.

I enjoy reading, writing, and biking. I'd like to say that i enjoy rock climbing, but i have a massive fear of heights.

three things that scare me and make me start to hyperventilate are driving through long tunnels made of concrete, driving beside tractor trailers on the freeway( in canada), and heights (which means if i look down to see my feet, i freak out about how high i am off the ground XD)

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