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"You were born an original, don't die a copy"

I won't be updating A Fallen Phyuri in a while...I have a serious, epic, and embarrassingly major case of...writer's block TT^TT I haven't written down ONE sentence ): So I have turned to forum RPGing as a remedy > w <

I've loved writing for a long time and just recently decided to joined a creative writing community. ^ ^

I'm supposed to tell you about myself eh? Well...I guess I can summarize myself in a few bullets. o w o

  • HOLY %&&'s a lightning bolt. o 3 o
  • That's preeeetty snazzy right there. = w =
  • Oh yeah...uhhhm...I'll try to just add ONLY poetry on here but I don't think that'll work out. XP
  • Made in <strike>China</strike> the stomach of a Unicorn.
  • No I'm not Chinese...I'm Filipino, FOO!
  • Originality is what I aim for.
  • Originality is not what I succeed in.
  • Originality is still fun to give a shot anyway.
  • You all should know that your daughters/sons/nieces/nephews/human-monkey hybrids/etc. have rated R+ minds.
  • I happen to be one of the few who have a rated MA++ mind.
  • Thank you sis for teaching me all that I know. You have scarred me for life. You deserve a hug. *hugs* . . . *stabs with sharp knife*
  • Hah. Fooled ya'!.. It's not sharp, just a bit rusty.
  • Emoticons are FTW.
  • Don't like my style then d.e.a.l.
  • DEAL = D.o A.bout L.ife
  • Don't deny know it made sense... > w <

Before publishing stories onto Protagonize, I usually have quiet a messy way of drafting:

  1. Many times every week I have random impulses to continue writing my story. Where it be my Fury Series or my fan fiction, I just have random impulses.
  2. Of course I must use the impulse because I'm usually on writer's block mode when I'm not writing during my impulse to do so.
  3. So I continue my stories. My average amount of content that I write during my impulses is roughly 5 paragraphs. I remember that my least amount written was just adding a period to the end of a sentence that I forgot to do then I wrote down the word Bull*^^! for the next sentence...and then I erased the word the whle sentence before it. Haha. My most written during an impulse was 1 and a half pages, front and back. So that's just 3 sides full on lined paper.
  4. After I'm satisfied, I continue steps 1 - 3 for a couple times when I get the impulses again.
  5. After long procrastinating I decide to finally publish the continuations of the stories. Note that I never proofread after I drafted. After every paragraph I type up, I reread it and proofread it then and there. ^ ^

BRAINSTORMING WITH CREATIVE WRITING IS FOR SQUARES! > < I don't believe in brain storming with creative writing. Especially stories based on your imagination like the Fury Series. You just don't do that because to me that's not even creative. What you do is this: write whatever you want to write, never look back until the end of your writing session, and never (and I mean NEVER) go back and edit your story because you changed your plot or whatever. If that happens just continue on writing and write the changes somewhere you can access it again and when you're done you compare and ask questions. Which one should I go for? Should I combine this with that? Etc.

I repeat: Do. Not. Brainstorm. When. You. Are. Working. With. A. Creative. Writing. Work.

My website isn't my website. (l a w l z .) It's just my profile on Crunchyroll. The website I probably go on the most. = w =

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