a 23-year-old cat from the United States

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"you see, I am simply one hell of a butler."

       Call me Karin, I love art in anyway. I plan to become a manga/anime artist and will attend the Art Institutes next fall. I've had an account on here a long long long long time ago. lol. :p hope you enjoy my work I have many other accounts a various sites if you wish to try to contact me else where. A lot I am fairly new on and dont quiet know much about it yet or I'm not active so much due to not many others to interact with, you can change that tho! ;3

Facebook: Karin Carter

Twitter: iKonekoKarin

Instagram: iKonekoKarin

PaigeeWorld: iKonekoKarin

IMVU: iKonekoKarin

Skype: iKonekoKarin

DeviantArt: iKonekoKarin

Kik: iKonekoKarin

Tumblr: iKonekoKarin

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