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I started writing (occasionally) about once a month starting a year ago. I found it was one of the easiest and fastest ways to get my thoughts out there.

I tend to write as a stream of consciousness with minimal editing. I believe editing is essential, difficult, and time consuming for any respectfully written works.  However, as I prefer to write quickly when I have an interesting idea, I prefer to remove the boundaries of the syntax and semantics of English (and yes it is the only language I know.)  I try to build logical and coherent pieces but many of the thoughts are abstract.

One of my favourite things about writing is hearing what other people think. I fundamentally enjoy hearing others interpretations of my pieces regardless if those interpretations match mine or not.  I enjoy the analysis, logic, inference, and the rationalization that others assert to arrive at their interpretation.  These thoughts that were not my own, make me think about stuff in different ways.  Occasionally, I will share my thoughts in a more straightforward manner after I have had time to think about my memorialization of my thoughts. Furthermore, I enjoy critiques as these help me understand and develop my writing styles. 

I have a good handful of what I call "rambles" that I will first post on here from my backlog. Then I will be contributing newer "rambles" as they come to me.  My rambles may be free verse poems, statements, short stories, or song. It just depends.

Regardless, enjoy and feedback is always welcomed.

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