a 25-year-old femme from my very own mind palace., Philippines

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Eat, live, teach, write, eat, live, teach, write. Well, that's pretty much my favorite quote. (I'm kidding.) "Love is a decision both parties have to make."

Since this is an author's pad, I'm going to say things only authors like you guys would understand - Shakespeare is my first name but O' Henry is my last name. On a sheet of paper I have stanzas and on my laptop are jumbled words juxtaposing each other. I live with Philippine literature during Jane Austen's time. From time to time, you can expect Rizal in my pieces and in others you will read something that can bring you from your world to mine. During the day, I look at young earthlings and at night I live in a different world of adulthood. So yes, you can expect weird, normal, hobo, or anything that speaks junkie in my work.

Solo works and collaborations:


Till Death Do Us Part (with supercalifragilistic)- A human and a vampire. Would everything turn out well?

Deception - Mystery

Fragrance - A love story. Mushy sometimes and sad most of the time.

The Gathering - Not for the weak-hearted

Rain - sadness and flashbacks; fantasy

Emblem - fantasy and mythology

Alluring- fantasy

Morning Ritual (with supercalifragilistic)- realism

-On Going-

Randomness of 2 Insomniacs and Hopeful's Insights! - poems! with GardeniasCastle and supercalifragilistic

Fate - What if fate has prepared your road for you? Would you follow it? Or would you make your own path endangering everything? Everything... even the world.

The Potion - What will you do if your mortal enemy suddenly adores you?

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