a 17-year-old funky monkey from distant unknown- ok, england, United Kingdom

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"my favorite quote is "yes we can!!!!" -by obama! i luv it, c... every time he takes a speach, i think he puts that phrase to the limit! eg. i yes we can am yes we can called yes we can barak yes we can obama yes we can! sooo funny!"

hi! okay, i am about to tell u the worlds biggest gr8est info EVER! so, u might want to sit down, with a drink, okay, here goes, .... wait for.... wait for it... and.... BAYM!!!!!!!! I AM A PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow! i no, hard to cope wiv hey! aaaannnyyy waysss, i am on this wedsite, cuz my best friend (very desperate, and stubborn) fought courageously, for soooo long her battle had beeen pushing her to her extremes, until......... i gav in and got an acount- well actally, she just asked in an email, but if u say it the other way, it sounds wwwaaaayyyy more dramatic! thats how i like it!

i am a competative swimmer, and a music luver! swimming i soooooooooooo kl, and if u swim, so r u! (well i actually like anyone, but if my coach has  an acount here, it is best to mention that!) luv all music, especially pop, and at the moment my favorite songs r: beautiful monser (neyo), billionaire, and candyman! luv em!

hey, i got sum of my best friends on here, go check out their profile, becum a fan, comment- i really don't care wat u do, just go check out their profiles!!!!!!!! oh yeah, u probably want there name (always cums in handy!) one of them is called inspirablurr, and the othere one EBH, so there u hav it, my best friends, both of them mmm, how do u put it, well, slightly over dramatic (by slightly, i mine, alo, big time, gynormous- annnyyyywaaaayyyyssss) check um out! :)

i hope this random speach inspired u, for wat, i really don't no......

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