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Well, I like wolves. Anything to do with them. My favourite movie is Balto. The first one is the best, but the second one is good, too. I still can't find anywhere to watch the first one. My favourite anime is currently Wolf's rain. I recently watched Alpha and Omega. All I have to say is... I think they forgot they were making a kids movie... I mean really? Does "I just want to say one thing, if any of you wolves have hurt my daughter I will personally rip out your eyes and shove them down your throat so you can see my claws tearing your carcass open!" sound like something you'd find in a kid's movie? Didn't think so. I like all the Studio Ghibli movies, though my favouite is Princess Mononoke. I like the anime Axis Powers Hetalia as much as I do Wolf's Rain. I'm paitently waiting for Paint it, White to be subbed... Ok, not so paitently. *twitches* Oh well, I'll stop here. Bye now~!

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