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I was typing a kick ass introduction for this thing and then my fingers go and click some unknown key and everything erases because my fingers are cool like that. Up to this day, I have never understood why they do that and constantly might I add. I'm racking my brains quite hard because I already typed the perfect thing but all I can remember is the first line which consisted of 'Ola mi amigos'.

I guess I have to start over since its the only other option. FTW! And maybe you're thinking 'No *#*$, Einstein.' If I'm right, kudos to you! No %&#$, Einstein ;D

Not to sound dumb or anything but here goes; I like yellow, a thing that has pages and commonly called a book, people with a book face, vintage things, WWII & I, classical music because its badass, Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde, Twitter annddddddd cliche. Cliche is the bees knees, I'll trade my well loved Rocky Road ice cream for a lifetime of well written cliches and classical literature. I swear I can survive Wolrd War III with only my trusty stack of cliche stories and garlic bread.

I thrive in witty retorts like a bacteria on a particularly nasty mucus. (just don't mind my analogies) I love listening to a tall blond girl's music otherwise known as Taylor Swist/Tall Blond Girl and I particularly hate songs that contain vast amounts of screaming. Eurgh.

So anyways, you now know the basic things about me except date of birth, name, address and such. I won't bore you with excruxiatingly boring tidbits like that. I'm not that stone hearted. Psshhh!

And I just found out that reality doesn't have background music. (nah just kidding)


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