a 27-year-old chica from a cold city, Canada

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"I watched as the cotton candy in the sky gathered to share some upsetting tales."


I am a graphic designer, photographer, creative thinker, writer, reader, listener, and lover.

I have always been a meddler of sorts, trying this and that with a bit of those. I like to be busy and often overwhelm myself with all the wonderful projects and ideas I want to start or haven’t finished. I love expressing ideas and thoughts and emotions through words for anyone to read. I’m here to grow as a writer. To learn and take in your criticism to mold my skills into better ones. I’m eager and excited and most always, smiling.

I love meeting new people so please please please say hi! I want to know about you and read your work and ooh and ahh and fall in love with your characters. Although I’ve poked around the idea of poetry I have no idea if I can actually write it or if I am just infatuated with it. But I adore reading poetry and seeing how I interpret the message in my own way.

So here I am! I send you hugs because, well, I’m a hugger.


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