a 22-year-old female from a place, Australia

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I'm Jasmine but I also go by the handles hauntedhurricanes and sevenstorms across several writing platforms.

My writing is eclectic and often takes place in an alternative universe. I'm twenty one years old and writing is just one of my many passions. I find collaborate writing to be interesting and educational which is why I joined Protagonize to begin with. 

I am currently working on a full length story which started as a little pet project back in 2015  and was further developed through my participation in campnano. My aim is to be published by 2020. My fingers and toes are perpetually crossed, but in the meantime if you could donate a coffee to the cause I would be over the moon with joy (and quite possibly a sugar high).. to do so please follow this link: http://ko-fi.com/A127FUK

Any more Q's? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap!





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