a 21-year-old grrl from Portland, Oregon, United States

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"I write not for the sake of glory. Not for the sake of fame. Not of the sake of success. But for the sake of my soul."

Hannah Ashworth. College sophomore. Half-Asian. Oregonian.

I like to think I was born to tell stories. I am in love with the process of crafting the make-believe, in part due to my heavily cinematic imagination. Oddly, I can almost never finish a full meal on my own, but I do have a raging appetite for YA novels, any musical starring Ramin Karimloo, and the televised creations of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. I study theatre, creative writing, music, and dance at Central Washington University.

I have a passion for well-written TV dramas, badass fem protagonists, space operas, feminist literature, and anything that will give me substantial "feels".

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