a hobo from Kentucky, United States

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"Friendship is like peeing yourself. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth it brings."

ohaithurr. i'm haley. i'm fifteen and i have the most amazing friends, family, and boyfriend evurr. i'm unique and take pride in that...fitting in hasn't ever appealed to me much. i'm a girl, or a hobo as the above says. doesn't hobo mean spicy lady in spanish or something? lmao. anyway, welcome to my page.

you like my stories? YAY. you don't? that's okay. just don't leave anything hateful. be civilized. constrictive criticism is one thing, bashing is another. just so you know, i mainly write about fantasy (ex: witches, wizards, elves, and sirens) and realistic fiction (ex: everyday teenage drama). i know that the two are polar opposites, but hey, its what i like. ;]

i love retro sunglasses, warm weather, books, writing, music, converse, rainbows, owl city, paramore, hey monday, cobra starship, unicorns, squirrels, ninjas/anything involving ninja moves/chuck norris, my boyfriend, my friends, God, tacos, ice cream cake, vitamin water, facebook, unusual names, words that are fun to say, roller coasters, windows live messenger, yelling "RUN, FORREST, RUN!" when i see someone running, randomness, warheads, singing in the car, glowsticks, youtube, walking the wrong way on escalators, staying up late, drawing on condensated windows, laughing, making unnecessary sounds when i'm bored, gummy worms, bubble wrap, photography, harry potter, MLIA, and obviously the list drones on.

so there's this guy. and his name is nick. we've only known each other for three months, but it feels like an eternity - i love him and he loves me. he knows me like the back of his hand and i'm the same. let's just say we were brought together by the forces of rainbows, photography, and owl city. <3

so, if you wanna know more (and maybe become my friend...everyone loves friends), CONTACT ME. i swear i won't sic my pet dinosaur on you. i'd be more than happy to chat sometime - just hit me up! ^_^


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