a 19-year-old dudette from the United States

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"I sleep. I dream. I make up things that I would never say. I say them very quietly."

i adore figurative language—in fact, i simply adore language. words and their power are quite beautiful to me. i love the vibrant worlds they effortlessly create; i love how a minuscule spark of inspiration becomes a fire of creativity so unexpectedly. and so i've sought, and discovered, a location to dump, quite unceremoniously, the results of my spontaneous episodes of unbridled inspiration. 

now, allow me to shift to a more casual tone. 

hi guys! i'm faith. 

i typically float along the rivers of poetry, poetic prose, and descriptive fiction, if that is even a thingtoo bad; it is now. i'll most likely post short stories, poems, and random blurbs of i don't even know.

a few of my works (or just one)and i love feedback, by the way!include:

fragmented (in the works): a short, first-person account of a troubled, and slightly unconventional, young boy's tumultuous quest to discover himself and find solace. 

unfortunately, that is all for now, folks. 


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