a 19-year-old frenemy

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"“Heather has found a clan. The Marthas. Very Connecticut. Very prep. I suspect money changed hands. ”"

*****As of: March 14th, 2012*****

I just finished the play "Bugsy Malone', but I'm not currently doing any plays for once. But I do have lots of choir competions.

Ewww my profile was terrible so I just deleted everything minus my favourite books/music so I guess you can read that if you'd like. Hopefully I'll be posting some of my writing soon when I have more time to transfer it from my notebooks.

Mostly I just draw now though...so....

I am planning on working on a holocaust based story with a friend though, so I might post that.

okay I'm going now, bye


I love the books: After, Give a Boy a Gun, Speak, If I Grow Up, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Bootcamp, Winter Girls, The True Meaning of Smekday, Unwind, Everlost ( and the rest of the series) , The Lovely Bones, Go Ask Alice, One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies, The House of the Scorpion, Acceleration, Tenderness, Nickel Plated, Long Live the Queen, Boy Meets Boy (basically anything by David Levithan), Will Grayson/Will Grayson,  and where the wild things are.

My favourite musical artists are: The Beastie Boys, Fiona Apple, P!nk, Panice!AtTheDisco, Girl Talk, The Presidents of the United Sates, Flyleaf, Radiohead, Veruca Salt, My Favorite Martian, and REBECCA BLACK! ;)

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