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"Phillipians 4:13"

So I'm a freshman now at OGHS.  I love to write poetry! Mainly simple rhyme!  I'm a musician, singer, and songwriter!  I play piano and I have written several songs!  I decided to create my Protagonize account so I could show the world my writing!!  I love all my friends and I have the best friends in the world!!  Don't mess with me or my friends cause then you will hate me for what I do!  Just to let you know, I don't cuss, talk about sexual themes, or mention drugs/alcohol.  So yes, I am not "mature" whatsoever!  My poems are based mainly around dreams I've had (sleeping and awake), personal experiences, my walk with Jesus Christ, and random thoughts!  In the Author's Guidance section I will tell you the way I had the idea of the poem!  I really hope you enjoy my profile and may God bless you!!


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