a 30-year-old grrl from the United Kingdom

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"From My Rotting Body, Flowers Shall Grow, And I Am In Them, And That Is Eternity - Edvard Munch"

I'm 21, I've been writing since I was a kid. Had a few poems published, but in my opinion they sucked ass so I don't know how ! Didn't get paid for it tho, gits.

Anyway, I've been swinging an idea around in my head for about a year now, got lots written down in various places, but I struggle to find the motivation to actually type it up.

I used to write a lot of FanFiction, and put it on the net and people would review it and that would motivate me to get my arse into gear and get the next few chapters up, but with my own original stuff, I daren't put it online in case someone rips it off.

Anyhoo... Main interests are horror/fantasy/sci fi/supernatural, anything weird basically.

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