a 19-year-old girl from in a house >:), United Kingdom

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"YOU'RE GAY FOR MOLEMAN- the simpsons"

hey, I haven't really been on my protag for a whole, but i recently remembered I had it so i thought i might as well use it. My recent add my piece's are my media study scripts, I will also start posting more things so my page won't be boring anymore! :) 

I'm a pokemon loving, drawing, fun (at least i think so) person who is always ready to talk about anything! i have brown hair, 14 years of age, birthday on the 4th march, so i young writer I guess?

if anyone has twitter and would like to contact me to do a collaborative on a story/script/other then i am on twitter, @frankiebailey1 just tweet/ DM me with your idea's and I'm sure I would join you, and i will reply as soon as possible :)

comment on my work, like my work, chat to me :) have fun writing!

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