a 27-year-old male from France

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"Better racy and sexy than racist and sexist." - Stephen Fry.

Hello, fellow writer.

I'm the proud (rather shameless) author of a French self-published thriller. I'm mostly here because I'd like to improve my writing style in English. I've had some trouble with writing in French after my first novel - so about a year now - and find some kind of enthusiasm in the prospect of writing a book in a foreign language.

I like incisive reviews, so if you have advice, do not hesitate to be more helpful than nice. If something is badly written and you're willing to take the time to tell me why, don't hesitate to do so. Typos, bad phrasing, laughable character development, ridiculous descriptions and every other writer sins you may spot have to be called out for what they are.  I won't improve if people are just goody-goody nice with yours truly.

That doesn't mean that I won't have a blissful smile if I happen to come across some praise on this website!

I've never done any collaboration before, and I'm rather curious about it, so don't hesitate to make me a proposal!

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