an hombre from Oregon!, United States

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"What one man can do, another can do."

I'm foaming at the mouth, and other orifices, in mounting excitement to collaborate!  No, not that orifice! What am I looking for?  I want to write a fantasy fiction novel; one that's dark, erotic, and violent and a character study in flawed humanity.  My problem?  I have a hard time outlining and creating the world and setting of my story.  I can write like a demon (though I've never met a demon or observed one writing, I'm guessing it would be amazing?).  You?  Should have the setting and world created and help to keep me in line...or?  This could be a completely different demon all together?  Let me know...I'm running out of foam.  I have two proof readers and an amazing editor that I've worked with on short stories ready for this project and some other online authors willing to give feedback.  What do you say?  You'll never get a better chance than this to collaborate.  Don't let my lack of grammatical prowess scare you away.  It's the story that really matters--everything else can be corrected with editing and re-writes. 


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