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"The point is, there is no point driving yourself mad trying to stop yourself going mad. You may as well just give in and save your sanity. ~Ford Prefect"

Some of my stuff in which you may be interested...

A Few Contributions of Mine:

Free Your Mind: "In a world where" creativity's surpressed, even punishable, it's up to the Protagonists to keep it alive with underground books, street art, and possibly a fair amount of showy explosives.
Started by Asheyna

Diary Entries from the Crew of the Pirate Ship the Pink Daffodil: In the words of Eloosive, "Because who doesn't like pirates?"
Mostly contributing as María Arena, La Capitana of La Fantasma Traviesa; started by Eloosive

Milk Cocktail: an investigation of a poisoning plot
Started by WyattAapr

Haiku of the Famous and Infamous: a few haikuish contributions
Started by TheRiverTalker

Egad!  More Stupid Poetry!: After all the debate involved with this strand, I couldn't resist submitting an impish, good-natured jab.  I really couldn't.
Started by FaltarEgo

Pieces Started by Yours Truely

Entrance Exam: A partially-fictionalized account of Gwen's adventures as a transfer author in the complex of Protagonize.
Solo piece

Thank You for Encouraging My Lunacy: Connor Steely's pretty sure he's sane.  Now if only he could convince the doctor who comitted him of that fact...
With Eloosive

Accursed Necklace: This is the series of which I'm most proud, extended from its original Ficlets form.
With OrangeOreos, finished.

The Smart Ones: Elizabeth Quinn is a genius, which means she's targeted by the government.  This can't be good, can it?
With ganga, FaltarEgo and moonwalker (but anyone can jump in if they please, plenty of open branches to go around!)

Relations with a Piano: a bit of a look at my sentimental relationship with my instrument of choice.
A solo piece, but it's my first sensitive piece... gentle commentary's encouraged, but please be nice to me, or else you'll probably never get another sensitive word out of me.

~La Pianista Irlandesa: Music Librarian of Randomness~

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