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"Mac: Things are never going to work out between us. Harm: Why not? Mac: Because we both want to be on top, physically and emotionally and that's impossible."

I really am a JAG fanatic! And I'm majorly, like, unhealthily obsessed with Girls Aloud

Soo...I love to write. For me, writing is a way of releasing my thoughts, ideas, feelings and all that other stuff I have bottled up inside.

I have written fanfiction since I was 12, starting with Gilmore Girls, then Charmed, then Girls Aloud, One Tree Hill and JAG.

I absolutely love criticism, so criticize me! Please! Seriously, I'm a criticism Ho! It's only gonna either make me stop writing completely or make me better, and believe me, if it's really bad, I'll maybe feel upset, but I know how to better myself after reading it, and I wont hold it against you, in;less your criticizing me as a person and not my writing!

Hahahh. Well, anyway.....

I thought I'd list some of my fave quotes here, since I have so many!


Mac: I'm a Marine, Harm. Marines don't duck.
Harm: What do Marines do?
Mac: They take cover, but they never duck.

General Cresswell: He resisted so well, three MPs put him in a coma.
Mac: A coma?
General Cresswell: Are you going to keep echoing me, Colonel?
Mac: Echoing you?

Mac: You resign your commission, you fly 5,000 miles to find me, damn near get killed, well riddle me this flyboy why?

Ahh sack it - I cba posting them all - loadsa JAG ones!

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