a 24-year-old lady from Saint Catharines, Canada

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‎"If you start taking things too seriously, just remember we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe." - Joe Rogan

Hello People of the internet :)

I am just a person who loves to write, though I am not very good at it... But I am aspiring to improve my writing skill :D

So I like Naruto, Harry Potter and Pokemon, Those are my 3 main obessions. ^_^

Relationship Status: Taken, sorry boys ;)

Favourite Colour: Blue :)

Also, I am very hyper and outspoken so don`t mind me if I have rant here and there :)

I am in my first year of university, and I am becoming a teacher! YAY :D

Yup that pretty much sums me up... I sound so bland XD OH WELL :D

Just remember: YOU were the fastest sperm :P

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