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I love writing although I can spend far too much time reading/writing stories when I should be doing other stuff... o well!

I have just realised that a lot of my stories have a tendency to be quite dark/angsty which isn't a direction I deliberately set out to go in ... but I think it's an area which I find easier to write in than romantic/humourous etc

I only started writing stories in the last few months. I started writing fan fiction about prison break on - which I think is an amazing site.

Another website which is brilliant and well worth a look (although I haven't wrote anything for it) is I can easily kill time reading the stories there. Some are hilarious, others really sad, all incredibly concise and usually very original.

Uh... don't know what else to say other than I'm glad I found this site cos I was thinking to myself wouldn't it be cool if there was a site where everyone wrote a story together and then I found this on google!

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