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"What I hear are the somnambulists coming down the hall. About eight of them. They’re quick. Right now everything smells like buttermilk, but the world is still distant to me, like a cloud to its shadow. I’m the shadow. Of something bigger. I think. Like the memo says: the world is merely a path made visible and we are allotted only so much time to be strangled by it. So my advice is to go out there and raise some hell. Like the somnambulists." - Tony Tost

I'm a high school senior, living in the hills of Arkansas. I have little idea what I'm doing with my life, so I waste most of my time listening to Pavement and eating crackers. I also like to peddle my bicycle and shoot films. Also, I can't spell, but I blame that on the advent of spell check, so apolageez in advance.

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