from the underworld, probably

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"When she grew antlers, great caribou antlers, she was overjoyed, and she set about gleefully goring everyone she met."

hello, hello!

please excuse my informal typing style. i promise i get Very Professional in my stories, unless the story has an irregular format.

im not exactly new to Protagonize; i've been here since 2013, i believe? but life got in the way and long story short...i wanted to begin anew.

my old profile is still up! im in the process of deciding if i want to move the stories to this account or leave them there. sadly, im not sure if i'll be continuing those as it is. im kicking myself for letting them get so stagnant...

if anything, they'll probably be rewritten and condensed into a series of short works. maybe.

so here i am, if you need me. one haides at your service!

im not entirely sure what else to say besides please bear with me, as i sort of tend to disappear for days on end. if you'd like, for whatever reason, you can always shoot me a message to remind me that i exist. i won't mind it.

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