a 35-year-old chap from Australia

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About me : Well, I’m a 28 year old aspiring fiction writer from Australia. Writing is my passion and my wish is that people could share in that passion and hopefully be entertained along the way.

Interests : Outside of writing I don’t mind the odd comic book but a lot of the comics I read these days are stale and boring, exceptional art but repetitive stories. I religiously watch Conan O’Brien. I play basketball but don’t watch it, watch ice hockey but don’t play it, and watch football (soccer) and try to play it.

On Writing : I would have to say my favourite style / genre is post-apocalyptic scenarios. Situations where the world would be a little quieter. I also love writing action fast paced novels. I have recently completed a fantasy world fiction novel that I started four years ago, and now trying my hand at POV.

On Reading : A lot of times I get bored with books that venture into over description, I have a fairly active imagination and can usually visualise a scene without having it verbally thrown at me in every minute detail. That would probably be the same reason some of my favourite authors and Matthew Reilly and James Patterson.

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