just a girl from england.

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"lifes too short to hold back from oppurtunites."

hey, I'm katherine, but I prefer to be known as kate or katie. I live in england, which I don't like, since it's pretty much always cold and raining, whilst I prefer hotter climates with sun! I'm a teenager and love to make up stories. recently I did my english gcse's and received two A's which I'm pleased with. when I get older I would like to be a psychologist but for now writing is one of my favourite things to do. I don't read books much anymore apart from stories on here, and own few books nowadays since I've passed most of them down to my sister. occasionally when I do read it'd be biographies by russell brand, michael mcintrye, etc.. (my favourite comedians).. 

I hope you read my stories and hopefully enjoy them.


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