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"As they say no one can ever hear you scream in cyber space!"

Hi there,

Iam new to this site, and would be interested in connecting to anyone that is interested in genuine  facts and truth, realism, etc.. rather than fiction and fantasy stories and make believe, that just doesnt do it for me personally speaking.

"fable maker" the book is a Collection of short stories, facts and facets and abstract writing, that spills the truth out in more ways than one could imagine.

Composed over more than several  years, shut up in a draw for to long, before this work saw the light of day!

So I will be flying back to New Zealand on the 10th of December this year, being of course 2013, after a 4 and a half year "tour of duty" or stretch in Nanjing China.

Back to the fresh air and to my reclusive nature that I have missed so much after being so long on the "Planet of the Chinese" Which in appropriately will be the next title for my new book..

Dont take life to serious pilgrim, you cant take it all with you, that is money and your car and house, nothing is certain in this life dream reality, only property they think, yeah its all about property!

After all, think like our ancient ancestors, when there is enough food, just rest and relax, when the food supply gets short, back to the company so to speak, at least they got it right then..

The animal within.. Indeed, the human animal has been taken fom his natural environment and placed into a artificial computerized concrete kingdom, but any how you can check all that out in fable maker, happy reading..

Best Mark Pracy..



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