a 21-year-old bloke from Vasai, India

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"A poet can survive everything but a misprint. " - Oscar Wilde

I'm certainly not your regular type of guy. I love all music which I love irrespective of its' genre. I keep my mind open almost perpetually. I'm a quick learner, and I love passing on what I know to others.

My tongue is laced with sarcasm, so I guess that's a bad thing. I'm an ambivert, though people think I'm an introvert. I love making people laugh.

My sense of humor is dry and infectious!
 I love satire and dark humor.

I can be romantic, but I hate cheesy and corny romance. I despise those typical cheesy love songs. I believe that I'm no one to judge someone.

People have the right to do and live as they please, as long as they don't get in the way of others. I don't smoke, and I don't hate people who smoke. Its their lungs.

Superstitions, rituals, idols, deities, astrology and the like, and religion, make no sense to me at all, so I reject them all. I hate it when people try to force their beliefs on me. So I would prefer calling myself Agnostic.

I can't dance. I just can't. My body is pretty mechanical and can follow specific movements which have a purpose. So, I took up martial arts for some time.

I love learning languages and accents. Science and philosophy amaze me and I can never get enough of them. Also, even though My biggest strengths are determination and perseverance. My biggest weaknesses would be impatience and exhibitionism.

Things I admire in girls: confidence, imagination, understanding.

Things I can't stand in girls: smuttiness, lack of emotions, too much clinging.



Here's about me and writing: I just love to write! It is very obviously something I'd always prefer doing for passing my time. But that does n't stop here . Writing and literature have always been my best companions. Especially, POETRY! I feel so much at ease after writing a poem. It's not about how well I've done most of the times. It's about how well i've confessed my true self. I may not be very good at poetry. But I'm true. And that's what I feel makes them good

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