a girl from the United States

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" Pomise you will never forget me. If I thought you would, I would never leave" Winnie the Pooh

My name and where I come from are unimportant. All you need to know is that writing is my passion. I started at a young age, about nine or so, while looking for an outlet for my depression. I was constantly ridiculed and put down because of a speech problem. When I was writing I was free. No one called me fat or told me I was worthless.No one laughed because I had trouble pronouncing a few letters or because my clothes weren't top of the line. I was free to be myself and accepted for it. It felt amazing. I never let anyone read my work until my family saw some items I had written and loved them. My mother said I inherited a gift of words from my grandmother. All I know is that writing is the one constant in my life. Without it, God knows where I would be today.

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