a 22-year-old female from Canada

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"The beaver, which has come to represent Canada as the eagle does the United States and the lion Britain, is a flat-tailed, slow-witted, toothy rodent known to bite off it's own testicles or to stand under its own falling trees. -June Callwood"

Hey you all. Whoever you are. So I'm Rosa...I hail from Canada...Ontario to be specific. I think chocolate covered pretzels are addicting. Mmm...mmm...good. I think Henry VIII was a total jackass but I like that guy who portrayed him in The Tudors...Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Yepp...That covers most of it. Oh and Viva Le Joker!

-random-How'd I get my username to Faith.Mare? Well, I couldn't think of one and I was a bit lazy so I used a vampire name generator (I'm weird like that) and typed in my favourite late actor Heath Ledger's name and voila!

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
Faith Mare

Known in some parts of the world as:
Consort of The Mountain Ash

The Great Archives Record:
A peaceful one, of tormented goodness, who lives in places of the Rowan where stakes are freshly cut.







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