a 24-year-old female from North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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"Write without pay until somebody offers to pay you. If nobody offers within three years, sawing wood is what you were intended for."

Whilst I'm waiting on my potato I thought I'd have a better go at this!

Half Hull/Half Irish, London born and so blonde I'm a brunette. I'm that girl who you meet on a night out and talks your ears off yet sits silently next to you in lectures staring at the ground.I'm studying Psychology with Counselling with the current dreams of becoming a sex therapist but that's a lot of hard work so who really knows where I'll end up! What it does mean, however, is lots of essays, reports and notes to do so my presence on here is poor at best (bit like my lecture attendance)!

My loves are my family, my cats (Izzy and Lily - although Lily's technically my sisters), reading, music, films, walking, being opinionated, peppermint tea and being a sarcastic tw*t because I wouldn't be English otherwise! My latest obsession is One Direction but my music taste is so vast and varied we are bound to find common ground!

Anyway, the story stuff! Focusing on my solos - they're what I'm better at but I guess I'm up for a collab if you're ok to keep on my tail about updates!

I think my main focus story is going to be 'Hand in Hand' (which is in dire need of new title!) but I'll write chapters for the others as and when I can. Looking forward to my collab with the lovely ImprintedHeart (which we need to get started on very soon beautiful!).

My influences come for everything and anything (quite literally) and I love to give out advice (especially in the love department). It may take a while to reply but please talk! I am pretty friendly, especially when it's not face-to-face communication!

Ratings and advice are much loved and I guess I hope you like what I do and come back for more :)

Charley xxx

oh P.S. twitter is @Charley18x message for a followback!


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