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"Fear is just a thought." -Unknown

9/9/15: I now have a WordPress blog! Link should be right underneath my username. I write about all sorts of things like philosophy, poetry, and video games. Odd combination, I know, but you should check it out anyways. Why? Because you're awesome enough to handle it. Thanks! :)

Well, this is awkward.  It seems like you've stumbled upon my profile page.  Well, since you're here, I guess I can tell you a couple things.

So yeah, I'm Eric.  I'm also a writer (duh) and blame RoseBrennan for bringing me to this purgatory of authors.  Just kidding, this place is pretty cool.  I'm seventeen and I like stories, unless I'm forced to read it (i.e. school).  But yeah, I like sharing things I make with people, whether it be my art, my music, or my writing (which I assume you're here for).

If you got this far, you must be a pretty awesome person.  I like you; we can be friends.  I guess I can tell that I'm trying to become a game designer.  I'm a computer guy, total nerd (make fun of me if you like, or talk to Bob --> ^_^).  Well, that's all about me, check out ALL OF MY THINGS (insert meme here). 

If you read anything of mine, I recommend Guardians, Brothers of Purgatory, To Only Have Eyes for Twilight, and The Supernova Guild. These are the works I take the most pride in, and really showcase my potential as a writer.

All of my works that have been active recently are here. There are many more, but these are the ones that have not completely shut down for longer than a few months:

  • Guardians: Under the Solar Convergence, the human conscience has fallen apart. Only the Order of the Guardians can restore humanity. (solo, in progress)
  • Questioning the Universe: A collection of essays and exercises where I try and decipher the mysteries of myself and the universe (collaborative and open to anyone)
  • Brothers of Purgatory: Two mercenaries are hired to hunt a witch, until one of them falls in love with her (in progress, collaboration with Antagony and Shirayuki)
  • The Supernova Guild: Set in Ether, two guilds, one of light, one of dark, wage war.  My character is Angel Demeeks (in progress, collaboration with H.C.Chapman, chimerakiller2, phiresong, and DethnusAckearose)

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