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"Bad decisions make good stories."

Hey, I'm Mo, although my other aliases include Westrina, Sebastiann and The Homeless Poet.

I've been about as active as a walrus on here recently, which I apologise for, but I'm back now and writing more than ever, so that's sort of okay, right?

Things I'm working on right now:

  • Retribution, a short dystopian story exploring the themes of innocence and guilt, and the evils of non-action. That all sounds very worthy. I've actually got no idea what I'm talking about, but I'm trying out a new technique, so I'd love it if you gave it a read (despite appearances, it's actually very short, each chapter around 50-100 words) and told me what you think!
  • The Lonely as a Cloud trilogy, although don't be fooled, 'cause I'm starting with Book 3. Just to be confusing =] It's a steampunk fantasy adventure set around Ariadne Snatch, captain of an airship, and her crew, Nikodemus Lozenge, China Tawrey, Emmanuel Gryphon, Bordering Hammersmith, Dublin, Juan Rodruigez, Sebastiann Crawford and Teddy Barringer.
  • The House of Make Believe which has been in the works for ever. 1910, Christina Wilkinson must decide between her passionate love for the no-good James Moore and her longstanding friendship with Henry Rotherford, with lasting consequences.
  • Sherwood, basically Robin Hood the musical. I'm writing the lyrics, my sister is composing the songs. It's actually pretty good, if I do say so myself =]
  • As a Thief Loves the Night, a poetry anthology
  • Elbow Grease, a spin-off centered around Charlie Broker of the awesome collab CBI

Things I've written:

  • Let's End this Tragedy Today, my Camp NaNo '12 novel that is, I'm afraid to say, also fanfiction.
  • The Lady Beatrix, NaNo '10, and also terrible. No read-y, no judge-y. This was my first full-length completed anything, hence the fact that it's so bad.
  • A collection of collabs and poems that I can't be bothered to list in its entirety 'cause it's miles too long.

Anyway, you really don't want to know any more about me, even if there was anything to say. Get out there, kiddo, and happy writing =]

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