a bird from the United Kingdom

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I'm young and don't have much experience but my passion for writing has led me here!

I'm all about inspiration and music plays the biggest factor in my writing. I write songs and then turn them into stories, and vice versa.

By far my favourite genres are adventure and fantasy, a mixture of both is always welcomed onto my bookshelf. Just the whole idea of getting away from reality, its tempting to wander into a daydream, and then the words start appearing.

I'm a bit of a random. I get so bored with my life that I tend to break out of the repetitive and go to new places, which is why I'm quite well travelled.

The story on here has been sitting on my computer since I was twelve and came up with the idea. I thought maybe I should continue with it, but have posted it for advice because its been five years and I know I can do better!


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