a 60-year-old male from Calgary, Canada

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"Never surrender to rabid mediocrity!" Thomas C. Reyes

I was born in Jersey City, New Jersey at Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital in 1957, the son of Carlosa Bunag and Jessie Estorque, both from the Phillipines. At fifteen months, I arrived in a cardboard box at the home of the Terjesens.  They  were elderly Norwegians who became my foster parents.  I grew up in America's most densely-populated city.  There were about 50,000 people per square mile, double the amount of New York City, which was just across the Hudson River.  Living in the Greater New York Area gave me a hunger for space, mountains, and forests. I left for university and attended Andrews University from 1975 to 1977, majoring in Biology.  From 1977 to 1979, I attended Southwestern Adventist College, now University and got an Associate's Degree in Nursing.  Upon graduation, I moved to Chicago, Illinois and began an illustrious career as a staff nurse at Swedish Covenant Hospital.  During this time, my heart was smitten by Karmen Mattheis, a computer-generated match from Adventist Contact.  She was a Canadian living in Calgary, Alberta.  Consequently, dating was a little bit expensive.  However, love does conquer time and space and we were married in Medicine Hat, Alberta within a year of meeting each other.  I call this the high-tech romance because of the computer-dating component.  At first, we lived in Chicago for several years. Living in Chicagoland gave me the urge to live in a country where I could see mountains, enjoy fleeing the city to commune with nature, and basking in one's own space.  Canada became a fixation, and on July 2, 1086, we crossed the border and settled in Calgary, Alberta.  It was a dream come through!  I could see the snow-capped mountains of the Canadian Rockies and go there any time I wanted, barring work, enough gas, etc.  The trip was a mere 45 minutes.  The natural wonders were awesome!  The photographic possibilities were limitless!  We lived and learned.  I was liberated from the shackles of nursing.  I pursued other careers and gained a variety of transferable skills.  Our family is still thriving after these many years of pleasure and pain.  Life's journey continues!

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