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I'm a sort of jack of all trades type who spent a decade or so writing short fiction. I sold a few thousand dollars worth or short stories in that time, and attended the Clarion writing workshop, but never wrote a novel, and got distracted by the tech bubble, making a living and raising a family. 

I find myself drawn to writing; blogging, letter writing, technical writing, copywriting. I finished my first screenplay last year, and landed some representation with it. 

I'm into genre stuff that crosses boundaries, which combines visionary and fantastic content with visceral human stories. This stuff often gets swept out of the genre category and into the 'Literature' bucket at some point, but I'm man enough to love it while it's still in the ghetto. I don't care what other people think about my reading taste. I like what I like. 

I've sold fiction to the following magazines, now mostly defunct; Aboriginal SF, Pirate Writings, Absolute Magnitude, Intertext, Radius, Mindsparks, Alternate Hilarity's, and a few literary magazines whose names escape me at the moment. (I had a few non-genre stories that I could sell over and over again to penny a word literary markets, but the activity didn't seem worth pursuing.)

Most of my positive feedback has come through activist community mailing lists usenet and web postings. That's why I'm here. To share something real with a real community.

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