a chick from Ontario, Canada

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"WHY do I have a fork?"

What to say about me? On a less expressive level, I have a background in zoology and am a science fanatic, who wants to work with animal advocacy groups as a day job. I'm logical, curious, and in love with the world around me.

But let's talk about the expressive level, since that's what Protagonize is about... I'm addicted to writing, reading, and music. Have been most of my life. They are like breath to me and I'm never happy living without them. In my world, they all go together hand-in-hand.... When I write, I have to write with the music that perfectly matches what I'm writing. I don't know why. It just is.

In terms of style, I tend to write heavily on the detail and descriptive side. That's how it's always been, this twisted mind of mine. I want you to SEE what I see, I want to you to HEAR what I hear. I want emotions to be felt, characters to be 3D, and context fully formed. Even if it's just the briefest moment in time, I want you to *BE* there.

I am compelled to write and give into it without apology. I'm never truly happy if I can't let inspiration flow freely. I write what comes to me - poetry, short stories, novels. I tend to write poems about all facets of life, where my stories and novels tend to mostly be set in fantasy worlds. Though I have been known to step outside of that from time to time.

I write about whatever emotions come to me. I don't care what they are, where they've come from. They may be dark and brooding ties around murder, or romantic moments for undying loves, or oddball and unusual moments in time. You never quite know what's going to pop out.... but it's all in the artist's scope really. It just happens. It just IS.

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