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"If something in your writing gives support to people in their lives, that's more than just entertainment-which is what we writers all struggle to do, to touch people. Dean Koontz"

Its been a while since I updated this, so....

I'm 21, Male, from Glasgow

I love reading and writing...obviously :D

I really love reading George Orwell's books, they just seem to have some sort of impact on me every time I read them, and love reading older stories.

If I had to choose my two favourite things I've ever read it would be:


The Raven( I know it's not Orwell :D)

I do like pretty much everything though, but these two are just scary in a way that can't be ignored..and I'd love to die with a reputation like either of their writers.

I write a lot of shorts stories, but recently have been writing a lot more poetry, mainly because the time difference in writing them is so much. Most Of them are dedicated to my ex fiance (and tbh I was going to delete them..but why they're still quite good, I think :S), but some aren't, anyway, thanks for looking at my profile and hope you enjoy reading my work(dont really wanna say work, sounds too hard-working) all the best is effortless..anyway enjoy :D:D

Below is the link to my literary sister, the amazing Tianna, who is way better than me, if I'm going to be honest, she's amazing, and below her link is a story we're doing together, when I do get around to adding my chapter(sorry about that).

Little sis :D:D


Also, my little cousin has recently joined, have a look when she eventually gets round to posting



If I don't post on this for a while and im halfway through a story, keep checking back, I'm fairly busy, but i will get around to finishing at some point :D Dunno when that point will be, but it will be some time :D Sorry (again), but I honestly can't help it, if I could I would.

Well, thats enough babbling for now...Time to go change the world.... :D:D:D:D

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